Only the Basic Elements of Bread.

Naturally-Leavened, Slowly-Fermented, Hand-Crafted.

You can Taste, See and Feel the Difference.


"Basic Bread is Better Bread"

Elemental Bread Company is a home-based Artisan Sourdough Bakery that specializes in hand-crafted naturally-leavened breads made with only the basic elements of bread: Flour, Water, Salt & Fire. When you put those things together correctly, the outcome is unforgettable.

At Elemental Bread Company we've also eliminated the additives, dough enhancers, preservatives and assembly lines that are too often used in most commercially available bread. We've gone back to the basics and rely on our own two hands, time and nature to craft beautiful, delicious, wholesome breads.


"One Man to Bake Them All"

There are two hands and zero machines responsible for mixing, shaping and baking every loaf of bread crafted at Elemental Bread Company. Those two hands belong to Matt Reich. Matt has had a lifelong passion for baking and cooking, yet it wasn't until he "retired" at the age of 32 to become a stay-at-home dad that he developed his passion for sourdough. It was in his "spare time" that he fine tuned his bread baking skills and developed his dream into what is now known as Elemental Bread Company.

The body of the bread. Many different grains can be ground into flour. We primarily use wheat which contains gluten proteins that are responsible for creating a crispy crust, soft chewy interior and classic flavor. When properly fermented with sourdough wheat flour is more easily digested. We also like using rye flour in certain breads for a more robust flavor and texture.